The House of Blueberry empowers self-expression through digital fashion in the metaverse. With more than 20 million assets sold, 10 thousand SKUs and over 400 thousand unique customers, Blueberry is the leading brand in this fast-growing market. Already live on multiple platforms, Blueberry is building the largest digital fashion house in the metaverse.

We are:

  • Creator-Led
  • Community-Obsessed
  • Data-Informed
  • Partnership-Ready

Our Leadership Team

Mishi Drawing

Gizem Mishi McDuff

Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Katherine Drawing

Katherine Manuel

Chief Operating Officer
Ashley Drawing

Ashley Hopkins

Chief Creative Officer
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Jon Cochran

Director, Operations

Emily Eitches

Director, Business Development
Animated Headshot

Suzette Feller

Director, Marketing & Social

Profile pictures illustrated By Donata Poli

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